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Beemerbalancers.com is a New Hampshire based company founded in 2005 to pursue opportunities in the motorcycle after market. We have CNC milling and lathe capabilities as well as a staff experienced in design and prototype development. Our staff has experience with machining and parts replication for world class BMW restorations and repairs. Most are riders.

Keychain Multipurpose Tool

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Oil Filter Wrenches

Single and Double Style Oil Filter Wrenches
Our Balancers

pocket balancer
The Pocket Balancer
stand balancer
The Stand Balancer

Our Wheel Adaptors

stepped cone
Stepped Cones and
Balancing Axle
4 hole adaptor
4-Hole Adaptor
4 5 hole adaptor
4-5-Hole Adaptor
4 5 5 hole adaptor
4-5-5-Hole Adaptor

Our Balancing Kits

The Pocket Kit - The pocket kit comes complete with your chosen rear wheel adaptor. The kits are priced according to your choice of rear wheel adaptor. All kits come with a TGP (turned, ground and polished) balancing shaft, Two 17, 20, 25mm stepped cone and retaining O-rings for storage and to hold pressure on tapered roller bearings should the application require.

The Stand Kit - The stand kit may be ordered as a basic kit which requires you to provide a 12" X 16" piece of 1/2" plywood or it's equivalent, and a couple of pieces of 2" X 4" about 15" long. The kit may be also purchased complete, however, shipping is considerably more expensive due to weight.

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