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About Us

After surveying the marketplace for affordable balancers and wheel adaptors for our BMW motorcycles we found several available. There are many quality products that will do the job. The most popular presently on the market are either bulky, taking up valuable storage space, or require additional props to operate them which may or may not be presently owned by the motorcyclist or in themselves take up a lot of room for storage. It is with quality, economy, and compactness in mind that we offer our Beemerbalancer products. Both our balancers and wheel adaptors are made of the highest quality materials to a high degree of precision. They will balance your BMW motorcycle wheels quickly and in a cost effective manner and will pack away in a drawer out of sight until needed again. You will not need any additional props to operate them. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you will be refunded your purchase price with no questions asked. Period!

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