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Oil Filter Wrenches

New Style - Oil Filter Wrench - Ad
^^ Single Filter Wrenches for New or Old Style Filters ^^

Old Style - Oil Filter Wrench - Ad
^^ Double Filter Wrenches for BOTH New and Old Style Filters ^^

You may have not noticed yet but your favorite motorcycle manufacturer, BMW, has changed the geometry of the business end of their new oil filters. In recognition of the fact that many of you are long time BMW owners and the likelihood that you will hang in there with the roundel, we have come up with a filter wrench just for you. This new product from Beemerbalancers.com will fit both the "old" and "new" style BMW motorcycle oil filters. It is made from solid billet aluminum 6061 , T-6511 alloy. It is American made on American made machines by our own machinists.We guarantee that you will love this tool and won't want to put it down.

BMW recently, however, has been mounting these new filter designs externally on some models of newer bikes. In addition, some of these designs tuck the filters in tight spaces behind shift linkages. For those of you who own models with tight clearances on the externally mounted filters we offer the single "new style" wrench. This single wrench will only fit the new style filters.

Both our new oil filter wrenches are offered with an unconditional money back guarantee should you for any reason not be satisfied. They both are offered for sale with free shipping via USPS First Class postage.

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