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Quickie Kit

What is a "Quicky"?

Probably not a good question to ask a motorcyclist, well, at least in mixed company. However, in the context of this website and relating to get'n your wheels and tires balanced I think we can keep the dialogue suitable for everyone.

One of the drawbacks of using a static wheel balancer is the time it takes for the tire and wheel assembly mounted on the balancer to respond to the addition of wheel weights. It can take many trial and error additions and subtractions of weights to come up with the proper combination required to balance the wheel. A "Quickie Kit" is a kit comprised of stick- on magnets and calibrated ferrous weights which can not only reduce the time required to properly balance a motorcycle tire but in addition give a novice the confidence to do the job correctly on his or her first attempt.

The kit itself contains five adhesive magnet weights each weighing five grams, and four ferrous weights at 10, 15, 20 and 25 grams.

Before You Mount Your Tire

It is always a good idea to know where you are starting from relative to your wheels balance before you begin. You may minimize the weight required to balance the wheel tire combination by knowing where the heavy spot on your wheel is located. Find this first by mounting it on the balancer and determine which spot repeatedly settles to the bottom. This is your heavy spot of the wheel, mark it. Do not assume your valve stem location is the heavy spot. If your tire manufacturer has marked a "light spot" on the tire with a dot of paint mount your tire to co-inside with the heavy spot on the wheel.

To Use the Kit

First, mount your wheel and mounted tire on the Beemerbalancer and let it settle. The "heavy" spot of the wheel will settle to the bottom or 6:00 O'clock position. Mark this spot with a marker, pencil or piece of tape.

Then, move the marked heavy spot the either the 9:00 O'clock or the 3:00 O'clock position and attach one of the adhesive magnets to the opposite side of the wheel. This is your light spot of the wheel.

Briefly let go of the wheel and notice which way the light spot moves. You have just added 5 grams to the light spot of the wheel, if it moves up once you release it from its position you have not added enough weight to it to "balance" it with the heavy side of the wheel. Try adding another 5gram magnet to it by just letting it cling to the first one and see if this is enough weight to hold the light spot in it's position at either the 3 or 9 O'clock position. If after using two five gram magnets your light spot is still light, remove the second magnet and try each of the calibrated weights in sequence to see just how much weight it will take to "balance" your light and heavy spots of your wheel. This whole process should take you less than a minute and a half. Once you have determined how much weight it will take to balance your wheel apply this amount of weight directly across from your heavy spot right where you had the magnet and weights attached to your wheel. Be sure the balancing weight is mounted the same distance from the center of the wheel as the spot you were using for the magnets and weights.

Your Done!

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